Installing Protégé on Linux

Protégé 5.6.2 is distributed in the form of a tar.gz file from the Protege Website, and includes the 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It’s therefore not necessary to have Java pre-installed on your computer to run Protege.

To install Protégé:

  1. Go to the software page on the Protege website.
  2. Click the Download for Linux button to download the tar.gz file to your machine.
  3. Unpack the archive. To do this, either use your file explorer and double-click on the archive, and extract it to the desired location, or type in a terminal window:

      tar zxvf protege-5.6.2-linux.tar.gz
  4. Launch Protégé. To launch Protege Desktop, double-click on the in the ‘‘Protege folder’’ in the file explorer, or type in a terminal window, once you have changed the directory to the Protege folder.