The Protégé user interface is made up of tabs that contain views. The standard Protégé 5.6.2 views are described in more detail below. Most of the views have a common look and feel and consist of lists of sections containing items that pertain to the current selected class, property or individual. Most of the views that are available in the Protégé 5.6.2 are described below. We also have a video that demonstrates how to add a view to a tab.
Displays annotation assertions for the selected entity.
Class Description
Class views > Class Description
Displays the logical description for the selected class
Class Hierarchy
Class views > Class hierarchy
Displays the asserted or inferred class hierarchy for the active ontologies.
Data Property Hierarchy
Data property views > Data property hierarchy
Displays the asserted or inferred data property hierarchy for the active ontologies.
Imported Ontologies
Ontology views > Imported Ontologies
Displays the direct and indirect imports for the active ontology
Individual Description
Individual views > Description
Displays type information along with SameIndividual and DifferentIndividuals information for the selected individuals
Individual views > Instances
Displays a list of individuals that are instances of the selected class
Object Property Characteristics
Object property views > Characteristics
Displays the asserted property characteristics for the selected Object Property.
Object Property Description
Object property views > Description
Object Property Hierarchy
Object property views > Object property hierarchy
Displays the asserted or inferred object property hierarchy for the active ontologies.
Ontology Header
Ontology views > Ontology Header
Displays the active ontology IRI, ontology version IRI and ontology annotations.
Ontology Metrics
Ontology views > Ontology metrics
Displays entity and axiom counts for the active ontology and its imports closure
Shows the Usage of the current selected entity